Volunteer Opportunities

We are actively seeking volunteers to assist us with documenting the Pride Movement in Canada and leading various functions of the society. We are in need of the following skill sets.

Fund Development

coordinating fundraising activities including grant writing, sponsorship, and the solicitation of pertinent in-kind resources.


conducting research on the history of the Pride Movement in Canada.

Info and Tech Management

overseeing the records and information management of the society and maintaining/advancing the society’s IT systems and assets.


implementing and overseeing the creation of education materials for K-12 on the history of the Pride Movement in Canada.


overseeing, coordinating, and administering the financial records systems and processes of the society, including accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, record keeping, and all related financial administration.

We are committed to ensuring our Board of Directors and supporting volunteer base are made up of a diverse group of individuals. We encourage the following groups to get involved with the CPHS:

  • Residents of British Columbia, Northern Canada, Quebec and the Atlantic Coast
  • Trans Identified
  • Non-Binary Identified
  • Female Identified
  • People aged 40+
  • French-speaking or other languages spoken besides English

Let’s build something together.

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