Our Work


To inspire conversations about the future of the Pride Movement in Canada as we share the stories of our past.


Connect people to the history of the Pride Movement in Canada through stories and promote an understanding of why we have Pride

Documenting the Pride Movement in Canada is no easy task. This is how we plan to capture the stories of our past and preserve them for future generations.

Written Record

We will be launching a formal website that will contain the historical Pride Profiles for the various Prides across Canada. These profiles will contain a summary of the respective Pride with some additional details including major milestones, accomplishments, and challenges faced.

Oral Stories

We plan to conduct interviews with individuals who were at the first Pride celebrations across Canada. We hope to capture the moment and “spark” of the creation of the various Canadian Prides, as well as hearing from individuals who had major impacts on their Pride from the formation to the present. We plan to curate these recordings into individual short audio documentaries to provide a podcast type experience. These recordings will be made available on our website.

Physical Exhibit

We plan to create a “roadshow exhibit” to bring our written record and oral stories directly into the various communities across Canada for individuals to experience in person. We plan to work with various Pride organizations to have the exhibit setup at their festival. Outside of Prides, we plan to make the exhibit available to other organizations and institutes that wish to showcase it in their community.

Contact us today to see how your Pride can get involved.

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