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Learn How to Get Involved with our Organization

What is the application process for volunteering ?

Once we have received your application, we will schedule an interview with you. Upon completion of the interview, we will contact you on the results on what the next steps will be.

How much time do I need to volunteer ?

Will I get training ?

Yes, all volunteers will receive an onboarding orientation and training for their volunteer role.

Can I change roles if I don’t like the role that I was appointed to?

Yes, based on your skills, knowledge, and abilities we can find another role for you in the organization if there is a need for the respective role.

Do I volunteer from home or at an office?

All of our volunteers work from their home.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We accept anyone over the age of 16 for our Coordinator volunteer roles and age 18 for our Board Member volunteer roles.

Do I get my expenses paid for?

No, currently the CPHS is unable to provide any stipends or honourariums for volunteer work.

Can I volunteer with my family or friends?

Yes, if you have family and/or friends that are interested in volunteering with you have them apply. Note that we do not allow family members to be in a reporting relationship.

I’ve got a criminal record; can I still volunteer?

Yes, however, depending on the nature of the crime some volunteer roles may be off-limits.

Do I need certain qualifications or education to volunteer?

No, however, for some positions we do note that having certain qualifications or education would be considered an asset.

I may need some extra support to volunteer, are you able to provide accommodations?

Yes, we will work with you to determine how we can accommodate your disability in order for you to volunteer.

Can I get a letter of reference for volunteering?

After 6 months of volunteering, we can issue a letter of reference upon request.

Do I need to submit an application or a resume to volunteer?

Yes, individuals interesting in volunteering must submit an application with an attached resume. If you do not have a resume and would like to discuss our volunteer opportunities, please reach out to [email protected]

Do you require Police or Credit Checks in order to volunteer?

No, at this time the CPHS does not require Police or Credit Checks for its volunteer positions, however, this may become a requirement for future roles.

Do you allow people from outside of Canada to volunteer?

Yes, however, you must be available for the occasional meeting during North American evening time (typically 5:00 pm CT to 7:00 pm CT).

I am an international student/newcomer to Canada, do I need a work permit to volunteer?

No, as you will not be receiving any monetary payment for volunteering, you do not require a work permit to volunteer.

I do not speak fluent English; can I still volunteer?

Yes, however, we do require all volunteers to understand and speak basic English. Some roles do require the individual to be fluent in English.

Can I leave my volunteer duties at any time?

Yes, if you are unable to continue volunteering you can either seek a different role (if possible) or resign from the organization.

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