About Us

Our Vision is to inspire conversations about the future of the Pride Movement in Canada as we share the stories of our past.

Our Mission

Connect people to the history of the Pride Movement in Canada through stories and promote an understanding of why we have Pride.

Our History

The idea behind the Canadian Pride Historical Society (CPHS) was formed in the spring of 2013 by then Pride Winnipeg President Jonathan Niemczak as he told the story of how Pride Winnipeg was formed to a representative from the Canadian Museums of Human Rights (CMHR). Jonathan often opened up many Pride Winnipeg introductory meetings with this story and he realized the power behind explaining why we have Pride Parades in Winnipeg as this was often unknown. At that time (and currently) there was no central resource on the history of the Pride Movement in Canada, instead, history is divided into small pieces found in books, archives, journals, statistics, and personal stories. Jonathan realized this gap and the need to create this central resource.

A year later at the 2014 Fierté Canada Pride Conference hosted by Pride Winnipeg, Jonathan promoted the idea of the CPHS to his Pride colleagues from across the country that was in attendance. There was widespread interest to get involved with this project from Prides and the CHMR. Jonathan struck a team of interested individuals from across Canada to begin to lay the groundwork for the project. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Jonathan had to put the project on hold in the spring of March 2015 as his duties as President of Pride Winnipeg left him little time to dedicate to this important project. Since that time the project has laid dormant until now.

At the beginning of 2019, Jonathan reached out to his former Pride colleagues Dallas Barnes and Jordan Hirsch about restarting the CPHS. Both agreed to join in on the project and the formation of the CPHS began. In August 2019 the CPHS was formally incorporated and a founding Board of Directors was recruited. The CPHS is now in full operations as we begin our journey to document the history of the Pride Movement in Canada.

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